Taking care of Your Teak Outdoor Furniture

We have been manufacturing high quality teak outdoor furniture since 1998.

Only the highest quality materials are used. These include brass, stainless steel and, of course, the highest grade of teakwood available.

Genuine Teak (Tectona Grandis) combines the quality of a rich and pleasing appearance with a durability that is unequaled by any other timber.

Teak is a dense, coarse, close-grained hardwood. It naturally contains high levels of resinous oil that acts as an insect repellent and allows it to be resistant to moisture and the drying effects of weather.

Because of this naturally high oil content, it is both stable and resistant to rotting when exposed, over many years, to the extremes of both summer and winter weather.

All teak used in our products is plantation grown and environmentally friendly.

Here's a video showing the harvesting of A-grade teak wood from the tree.

Your Chic Teak outdoor furniture comes finished with either a coat of hand rubbed wax or unwaxed with a fine sanded finish.
(Please note: You may notice a color difference on some items as we transition from waxed to unwaxed furniture. This color difference is not permanent as the wax will wear off over a few weeks.)

When the furniture is used indoors or under cover outdoors, just clean it and apply some furniture wax every couple of months and your furniture will look brand new again.

When used outdoors, the wax coat will disappear in a couple of weeks depending on the environment.

After a rain shower it may look like there are some water marks or "dry" spots left. This is where the wax begins wearing off. To speed up this process you may just clean the wax off with hot soapy water.

Water Marks on Teak Wood with Wax Coat
Examples of water marks and dry spots


Teak wood, like any other wood, is susceptible to mildew growth, especially when exposed to prolonged high humidity and/or frequent rain fall.  When this happens, simply clean it off with soapy water or a teak cleaner such as SEMCO brand 2-part teak cleaner.
mildew on teak wood
Example of mildew on teak wood


After a couple of months, the teak will start turning a silvery grey. Just clean it with soapy water twice a year to keep your furniture looking good.

If you’d rather preserve its natural teak color, we recommend using Semco teak care and sealer products. Please refer to the manufacturer for instructions.



For teak furniture that will be outside, we do not recommend oiling your furniture with teak oil. This oil will attract dirt and promote mildew growth.

For more detailed information, check out this article from our blog:  Teak Care Instructions