The Top 9 Reasons Teak Wood Furniture is Better than Other Types

La Place USA has been selling premium grade teak wood furniture for over 25 years and we'd like to share some of what we've learned along the way. Teak wood furniture is often considered superior to many other types of furniture for several reasons:

1.  Durability: Teak wood is renowned for its exceptional durability. It contains natural oils and rubber that make it highly resistant to moisture, rot, insects, and decay. This inherent resistance allows teak furniture to withstand outdoor conditions and last for generations, making it an ideal choice for outdoor and marine applications.

2.  Strength: Teak wood is exceptionally strong and has a high tensile strength, making it suitable for furniture construction. This strength ensures that teak furniture can withstand daily wear and tear without easily breaking or cracking.

3.  Low Maintenance: Teak wood furniture requires minimal maintenance. Its natural oils protect it from moisture and pests, reducing the need for frequent treatments or finishes. Over time, teak furniture develops a beautiful silver-grey patina, adding to its character and requiring even less maintenance.

4.  Aesthetic Appeal: Teak wood has an attractive appearance with a warm, honey-toned color when freshly milled. It can be left natural or finished to retain its original color or enhance its beauty. The grain patterns of teak are also visually appealing, giving furniture a timeless and elegant look.

5.  Eco-Friendly: Our teak wood is harvested from sustainable plantations, making it an environmentally responsible choice. Not all manufacturers adhere to responsible forestry practices to ensure that teak wood is sourced in a sustainable manner. Rest assured, all of our teak is FSC certified and sourced from sustainable plantations.

6.  Versatility: Teak wood is highly versatile and can be crafted into various furniture styles, from traditional to contemporary. Its versatility allows it to fit well in both indoor and outdoor settings, and it's often used for tables, chairs, benches, and even boat decks.

7.  Longevity: Teak furniture is known for its longevity. With proper care, teak pieces can last for decades, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

8.  Resistant to Decay and Insects: Teak's natural oils make it unattractive to wood-eating insects and fungi, further enhancing its durability.

9.  Investment Value: Teak furniture is considered an investment due to its longevity and ability to appreciate in value over time, especially if it's well-maintained and of high quality as you'll find at La Place USA.

It's important to note that the quality of teak furniture can vary based on factors such as the grade of teak wood used, craftsmanship, and construction methods. Chic Teak brand high-quality teak furniture is made from the best A-grade teak wood available and offers better value in terms of durability and longevity compared to cheaper alternatives. Have questions? Give us a call.