What is Teak Wood Furniture?

Buying teak furniture is not just about choosing a superior product, it's about making a long-term investment.  At La Place USA, we’ve been manufacturing the highest quality teak furniture since 1998.  The outstanding superiority of our teak furniture is made to last a lifetime!

To understand what makes teak furniture from La Place USA so desirable and of such great distinction, it’s important to understand a little about the teak wood used to construct it. Teak is a tropical hardwood (tectona grandis) possessing properties that make it extremely durable for manufacturing indoor and outdoor furniture along with many other applications.  Teak wood has a high natural resinous oil content, high tensile strength and a tight, dense grain that makes it resistant to weather exposure and to pests like termites.  This is why teak is used not only for furniture but even more durable applications like boat decks, doors and window frames.

Unprocessed Teak Logs

Unprocessed Teak Logs

In the past, there were concerns about the sustainability of high quality teak.  That’s why at La Place USA, we only source the best (grade A) teak wood from Indonesian plantations where it’s legally harvested, sustainable and controlled by the Indonesian government.  The A Grade teak we source comes from the heartwood of mature teak trees that are at least 20 to 30+ years old.  Grade A teak has a high concentration of natural oil making it smooth to the touch and a rich light brown or honey-like color you won’t find in cheaper alternatives.  Since Grade A teak comes from the center trunk of the tree, the grain patterns will be very tight with little to no imperfections like knots and discolorations.  Grade A teak is relatively expensive compared to cheaper Grade B & C but considering that less than 30-40% of the tree can be harvested for grade A heartwood quality, you really get what you pay for.

Teak Sun Table


Because our A Grade teak is so durable and versatile, it is used to manufacture both indoor and outdoor furniture.  A lot of outdoor furniture is made from less aesthetically pleasing materials like plastics, vinyl and metals.  La Place USA outdoor wood furniture can withstand moisture and exposure to the sun just like those less desirable materials, but without sacrificing style or beauty.  La Place USA furniture even comes finished with a coat of hand rubbed wax.  With La Place USA, you can have furniture that stands up to the extremes of both summer and winter weather for many years.  The allure of our outdoor teak furniture is that you can really give your patio, deck, bar or poolside area an elegant and stylish upgrade.   Plus our indoor teak furniture can modernize and elevate any space in your home.